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Rebellion - 15th November 2019

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If you choose to just pay the non-refunable 33% deposit now the second 33% MUST to paid by the 1st March and the final 33% MUST be paid by the 1st October or you will forfeit your entry.

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Rebellion 135 mile Ultra Marathon

The Rebellion is a 135 mile (217 Km) Ultra Marathon in Mid Wales starting on 2nd of November 2018. The route is along the full length of Glyndwr's Way National Trail with a total ascent of just over 25,000ft (7700m). The route takes you through some of the most beautiful and remote parts of Mid Wales. Starting in Knighton looping through Machynlleth and then finishing in Welshpool - the route is one of the most picturesque and challenging in the UK.


The Glyndŵr's Way National Trail is an unusual National Trail as it doesn’t follow any particular geographic features or any historic routes and offers a great ultra running change. It is named after Owain Glyndwr who led a rebellion against the English and the last Welshman to hold the title Prince of Wales. The Glyndŵr’s Way is an arbitrary route merely linking a variety of towns and villages with Glyndŵr connections. This the reason for its unusual V shape.

The race starts at 7pm on Friday the 2nd November and has a 72 hour time limit to reach Welshpool (7pm on Monday the 5th November). Meaning competitors must average just 1.85 miles (3km) per hour to complete the race. There are 4 checkpoints on route that all competitors must pass through within a time limit. Each checkpoint is a community hall/leisure centre that is well stocked with food, hot drinks and water for competitors to recharge and re-supply. There will also be floor space at each checkpoint for competitors to sleep if they so wish. Competitors can use drop bags, accessible at each checkpoint.

Every competitor is given a GPS tracker so we can see where you are at all times during the race and your family and friends can watch your progress online. The GPS tracker is also equipped with a SOS button, so if you do have a problem we can find you. The event has full medical support supplied by Trail Med ( TrailMed have a wealth of experience supporting races of this kind and consist of paramedics and consultant doctors.

If you want or need to withdraw from the event after starting, we will transport you to your nearest checkpoint where you can arrange your own transport home from there.

Countryside Code

The route of the race goes through farm land, farms, private forests and private estates. As such the countryside code must be followed at all times. You are responsible for the opening and closing of gates during the race.

What you get

  • GPS Tracker to use on the event. Family and spectators can track your progress online
  • Unique event top worth £40
  • Finishers medal
  • On course food, hot drink and water at checkpoints
  • Event safety cover

Taking Part

You do not have to have completed any qualifying races prior to entry but you MUST be prepared to be in remote locations for long periods and adverse weather and probably on your own. By entering the race you are stating that you deal with the conditions you will face in Wales in November. You are also stating that you can employ a level head in difficult conditions and not take unnecessary risks.


The Rebellion is a ITRA and UTMB® qualifying race and has been awarded 6 points by the ITRA and UTMB®

The Twarted Rebellion is a ITRA and UTMB® qualifying race and has been awarded 5 points by the ITRA and UTMB®

Payment Terms

The total entry fee is £185. You can either pay in full or pay just 33% non-refunable desposit (£61.67) now. The second 33% must be paid by the 1st March. The third 33% must be paid by the 1st October. We will email and text you to remind you 1 week before the 1st to remind you about payment. If we don’t hear from you and you fail to pay the any of the remaining fee by the required date you will lose your entry to the race and will not be refunded.


After you have entered the race you can cancel at any point before the 1st September and we’ll refund your entry minus the first 33%. You can transfer or defer your entry to the following year at any point before and including the 1st of October. Entries must be paid in-full before they can be deferred. If you wish to transfer your entry it is up to you to find someone to transfer it to, we will not find someone for you. If you transfer your entry the above payment terms then apply to them.

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