Snowdonia Slate Trail Ultra Trail Running EventSnowdonia Slate Trail Ultra22nd February 2019

89 Mile Ultra Marathon

A circular route taking in some lesser known historic areas in Snowdonia.

Brynkinalt Trail Running EventBrynkinalt30th March 2019

5k, 10k & 20k

A compact sheltered course with its own special challenges with easy access from Chirk and the local area.

Summer Rebellion Trail Running EventSummer Rebellion17th May 2019

135 Mile Ultra Marathon

Summer version of the popular winter Rebellion on the full length of Glyndwr's Way Nation Trail.

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All Profits Go To Charity

All our profits go to charity. Supporting charites is important to us and we support them in different ways.


If you are a seasoned trail runner or you are looking to make the switch from road running we have a wide range of trail races to suit you. Trail running is running on off-road, uneven terrain. We organise a multitude of events, mostly in Wales, with distances from 5km to 217km ultra marathons. You will enjoy a mix of terrains including forest tracks, single tracks, moorlands, fields, maybe a few hills and definitely plenty of amazing views of Wales.

Our events will take you to some well known and some lesser known places. Run around national parks or private estates that are not usually open to the public and everything in between. Our events and venues are hand picked by our team and come from a passion for being healthy and getting into the countryside. They are a friendly place to either make your first step into off-road running on a 5km or 10km race or to compete in a 100 mile ultra marathon in winter. We pride ourselves on being approachable and friendly. We are a family company started in 2015 with a motivation to organise events the right way and in beautiful locations.

Get fit, get out in the countryside and see amazing places. Trail running was born from fell running by people that enjoy running in the fells, hills and getting into the countryside. The best way to hit the trails is to get your trail running shoes on and get out there on one of our events. You’ll be supported by our friendly staff who have a wide range of knowledge and experience of the industry. We can answer any questions you have and we’re always happy to help. Join the thousands of people that are enjoying the outdoors via this rapidly growing sport.

It’s even better for you than you might think. Not only does it help your fitness but it also helps your mind and body. Studies have shown that it improves brain plasticity, mobility and bone density.

Trail running is one of the fastest growing sports and Up Hill Down Dale are the team to help you develop your love of the sport!

Start trail running and be healthier.