What is Canicross?

What is Canicross?

Meet Mabel, our dog here at Up Hill Down Dale

Mabel loves nothing better than running with us and she’s pretty good too. Maybe it’s the four legs instead of our two, or maybe she just eats less cake.

There is a sport that Mabel would love to try – Canicross!

Canicross is a fantastic sport where you run trails with your dog.

What could be more fun than running through the countryside with your best friend?

In a canicross race the dog is attached to you with a bungee line, which goes round your waist. The dog wears a padded dog harness. This set up ensures maximum comfort and safety for both runner and dog.

The only stipulations are that the dog must be over 12 months old and you both must be fit and well!

The benefits of Canicross are endless and include:-

Whilst Canicross is an established sport in the US, here it is not so well known.

We are delighted to be able to offer canicross races at Coed Llandegla and Crogen Estate.