Proud to announce we've teamed up with Likeys!

Proud to announce we've teamed up with Likeys!

Two companies worth following if you love ultra running: Likeys and Up Hill Down Dale

Athletic endeavours are usually challenging, but there is something unique about ultra-marathons. Running hundreds of miles in training to cover a hundred miles on race day is not unheard of. Believe it or not, undertaking a personal challenge to complete an ultra-marathon just isn’t enough for some people.

Extreme ultra racing brings together intense distances in challenging locations like the Arctic and various deserts and jungles around the world. Thankfully, there are some very dedicated families working to create new ultra running opportunities, and they are keen to share their passion with everyone from the novice to the hardened ultra-marathon veteran. 

Up Hill Down Dale are delighted to announced that they have teamed up with Likeys! A fantastic combination of Likeys knowing all about the kit required on Up Hill Down Dale events along with sponsorship of the Ultra Marathons brings together these two companies.

About Likeys

In 2006, independent outdoor retailer Likeys was brought to life by a collective of people who prefer their ultra-marathons to be on the more challenging and adventurous side of things. They realised that their combined ultra experience and keen interest in top-notch kit created a perfect opportunity and Likeys is the result. Having been in business for over 10 years now, the team at Likeys have extensive knowledge about which kit is best suited to getting racers across the finish line. It’s not just about the gear, either. The Likeys family are dedicated to sharing racing knowledge and culture with anyone who asks – no purchase required. Just pop into the shop in Brecon or give them a call!

Perhaps in the never-ending quest for new trails to run, Likeys founder Martin is also responsible for creating the highly-regarded 6633 Arctic ultra-marathon. The 6633 offers two race distances of 120 and 350 miles, each involving intimidating temperatures, ice and snow. Participants are expected to traverse the routes while pulling their own survival supplies on a sled. The race celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018 and is growing in reputation each year.

About Up Hill Down Dale

Dave and Belinda Bateson are avid trail runners who live in Wales. They frequently travelled to Northern England to compete in races. It seemed strange that there were very few trail running opportunities in North, Mid and North East Wales, so they set about arranging some. Up Hill Down Dale was founded in 2015 and offers a spectacular range of racing opportunities spanning 5Ks to 100-mile-plus ultra marathons. Dave and Belinda work with local landowners to create trail runs that access private estates which makes for some unique experiences. Every Up Hill Down Dale event is guided by the notions of friendliness, approachability and camaraderie. They welcome new trail runners and old hands alike.