How do I find trail running routes near me?

How do I find trail running routes near me?

Many people struggle with finding new routes to run, some more than others*. When I started trail running getting out there in the amazing scenery was great and it still is BUT I got bored of seeing the same old amazing scenery. That might sound spoilt or odd but it’s true. I became uninspired and found it hard to go for a run and i was definitely not going to run on the roads! So there must be a way can I find trail running routes near me, right?

The first and simplest way is to just get a map and find the footpaths and have an explore. Using a map is great and in some regards becoming a bit of a lost art, so i encourage you to do. Though using a map can seem a little daunting, but you don’t need to let it stop you!

There’s plenty of modern technology to take the thinking out of finding new trail running routes and most of us have one in our pocket. Your smartphone is the easiest way to find routes that other people have already worked out and tested*. There are plenty of apps that you can find trail running routes and they’ll overlay them onto a map and show you where you are in real time, so taking to worry out of it. Just make sure your phone is charged before you got for a run! Apps like OS Maps or OutDoors GB are a great place to start (sorry android users these are itunes links!)

Another way to find trail running routes near you is to find a place that has some well marked walking routes. Obvious I know, but if you find a walking route, you can run it!

Natural Resources Wales and the Forestry Commision have forests nationwide that have all kinds of amazing places to trail run. Some forests have even started to open some bespoke made trail running routes - forests like Coed Llandegla and Coed Y Brenin. Im sure more will open routes very soon.

I hope this article helps you answer the question of how do I find trail running routes near me.

* Some helpful farmers remove and close footpaths because they don’t like people walking over their fields! Having said that this is a bigger problem in some areas than others. So it’s handy if someone else has tested it first, because trust me finding a closed footpath that should be open is really annoying!