Up Hill Down Dale launches partnership with The Movement Centre

Up Hill Down Dale launches partnership with The Movement Centre


Up Hill Down Dale are delighted to announce a new charity partnership with Shropshire based charity, The Movement Centre. The company was started by Belinda and Dave Bateson, who found that there were very few trail runs in their local area of North Wales. They decided something had to be done. After gaining access to some outstanding private estates, Up Hill Down Dale was formed in 2015.


The husband and wife team wanted to support a charity and The Movement Centre seemed like the perfect fit. Dave Bateson, Race Director at Up Hill Down Dale, said “We will be donating ALL of our profits to this very worthy cause”.


“All of our races are inclusive and welcome runners from all over the UK, no matter their running pace. For this reason we see working with a charity that helps children with their mobility as an ideal partnership”.


The Movement Centre is UK charity working with children and their families to provide a specialist therapy called Targeted Training. All of the children who visit the charity have a disability, such as cerebral palsy, which affects their movement control.


Targeted Training helps children gain functional skills and independence, which can truly transform their lives. As a result of a 9-12 month course of therapy children have children have gained head control, so they can interact with their family and friends, have been able to sit unaided so that they can play, or have even taken their first independent steps.


The Movement Centre is currently the only provider of Targeted Training. As it is a specialist therapy it sits outside of the remit for standard NHS funding. This means that the charity has to raise funds every year to continue their work and to help support towards the cost of therapy for many of the families who are unable to access funding.


‘We are excited to partner with Up Hill Down Dale’, said Victoria Handbury-Madin, Head of Fundraising and Marketing at The Movement Centre. ‘They are a fantastic organisation encouraging people to get outdoors and it is great that they promote inclusivity, which is very important to us’.


You can find out how to take part in Up Hill Down Dale’s Events and help to support The Movement Centre by visiting www.uphilldowndale.com.